iPhone X, X Months Later / by Derek Devine

Today marks X months later since I have been using the iPhone X. Here's how I rate the phone. 


I have used the iPhone X since being released on November 3rd, 2017. The iPhone X has drastically evolved in several categories, however there's a category that is being neglected that is starting to put Apple behind and affecting their ecosystem.  

Design/Fit - 9/10 

iPhone X is what I have been waiting for before I upgraded from my iPhone 6. iPhone X is the perfect combination of phone size (iPhone 6), but with a bigger screen (iPhone 6 Plus). Never been a fan of the iPhone 6 Plus surfboard design (being huge with no purpose). The iPhone X bigger screen in a small form factor is a win. The phone fits perfectly in my hands thanks to the glass on the front and back, and the seamless stainless steel band. Now only if Apple can remove the camera bump, I would give them a 10. If Google can use AI and deep machine learning to produce an equivalent/better photo quality with (1) one camera and (2) smaller camera bump, then Apple needs to work harder. 

Performance - 9/10 

Coming from a slow performing iPhone 6 (now known due to Apple neglecting to inform users of throttling iPhones performance), I can appreciate the snappy-ness of the iPhone X paired with iOS 11. Switching between apps are fast again. Loading apps are fast again. Operating the phone is fast again. The problem is these are all areas that I'm experiencing "again." The performance of every iPhone I have owned slows down after a year and then drastically after 2 years. Apple poorly optimizes the hardware and software with new software updates, which inhibits the performance of older phones. Maybe I'm supposed to upgrade every year? Overall, too early to truly evaluate this category as iPhone's performance historically gets worse after a year and more after 2 years. 

OS/AI - 7/10 

iPhone X weakest area. I'm not a heavy phone user, but when I do use my phone I want TGSD. I wish apps animated faster when opening and closing. When I tap on an app, I want it to appear, no animation. Notification Center is a mess. Multi-tasking is ok. Control center and notification center should be combined. Siri isn't smart, but slow and un-responsive enough to the point of avoidance other than simple task of setting an alarm or timer. Siri is lacking compared to the competition and is putting the ecosystem as risk. Siri is so bad, I don't bother to use it on my mac nor my apple watch, because I have been consistently proven by Siri to fail. 

Display - 10/10

Honestly, the screen is incredible. I have seen Samsung displays and others, but I prefer the controlled, non-saturated colors that Apple illuminates. And the introduction to OLED is welcomed. The screen to body ratio is amazing. The notch is easily forgotten after a few minutes of use for the first time, and then entirely forgotten after a day.  

Battery Life - 10/10 

My phone gets me through the day without charging. What more could you ask for? I guess two days? Overall, too early to truly evaluate this category as phone's battery life are subject to get worse after a year and more after 2 years.  

Overall - 9/10 

After using the iPhone X for X months, I'm satisfied. The ease of transitioning from my iPhone 6 was seamless thanks to iCloud. I was up and going in an hour with no issues. The almost full-screen to body ratio has been a great addition to the iPhone X. The gestures are intuitive to switch between apps and multi-task. However, the iPhone X was the first iPhone I couldn't recommend to everyone as the price is steep and hard to justify.