Pre – Apple September 12th Event / by Derek Devine

I remember the first Apple event I watched. Steve Jobs famously announced the original iPhone at Macworld in 2007. I didn't know who he was at the time, but I remember being in awe over his meticulous presentation skills. Flashforward today, no one has his charism and thoughtful delivery skills. However, I'm looking forward to Apple's September 12th Event. 

I shattered my Apple Watch screen, so if rumors are true, a new Apple Watch announcement is in the works. A bigger screen, while have the same form factor is the buzz on the web. I was skeptical about the Apple Watch when it first came out as I didn't understand its utility, as the watch is a companion to your phone. However, I found great functionality while tracking my workouts, glanceable notifications, and checking the time. And as an iPhone X owner, I'm not interested in purchasing a new phone. Apple typically announces the "s" predecessors during this cycle and I skip them due to minimal features and to save money. 

The events are still fun to watch/stream, so I'll be having a window open to follow along at work. I used to be extremely religious the day of an Apple event and avoid all news until I got home to watch the stream and pleasantly surprised. But without Jobs, live streaming will sufficient.